Und irgendwo im Wald lacht ein Fuchs, 2017
Exhibition The Crop at Schloß Ringenberg
Text by Marie Stel and Dorothee Mosters


With her work, Johanna K Becker displays how nature has been continually controlled and  shaped by human kind. In painstakingly detailed sculptures with an overt artificial outlook, she points out that not only our landscapes themselves are cultivated, but tha our conception of  nature is constructed as well.

In Und irgendwo im Wald lacht ein Fuchs, we see terraced scenery covered by dense  vegetation. The sculpture functions as a stage for our idea of the forest and thus reflects on the images we have in our head of what ‘real’ nature is. An ideal that has been fostered over time by romanticized pictures, philosophies and travel accounts. The view that developed from this, is one in which ‘natural’ is often equated with sensual, wild, feminine and mysterious.


(Fotos "The crop", Schloss Ringenberg: Johannes Bendzulla

Fotos "Back then by tomorrow", Werthalle Köln: Jasmin Weißenberg)