Im Dialog: Johanna K Becker und Zhang Yi

no cube, Münster

28.8.2019 - 6.10.2019


After meeting for the first time in early spring 2019 in Shanghai/China at the nonprofit residency program studio gallery, Zhang Yi and Johanna K Becker reconnected later the same year for an experimental project in Münster/Germany. Bringing a suitcase full of materials and artworks, Zhang Yi made her way from her home in Beijing to engage in a week-long dialogue with Johanna. Based in the premises of the off-space project no cube and supported by the owner Candia Neumann, the artists explored, experimented, discussed and chatted – about art, science, politics, culture, life, love and food.

Materials like cardboard, euro pallets and flooring were used as a starting point. Working with the general setting of the venue, the process was also heavily influenced by the ongoing building works of a huge construction site next door. Seven intense days of work resulted in a site specific installation, that reflect the personalities and artistic expressions of each artist as well as cultural characteristics, showing both diversity as well as commonalities.



This project is supported by Kulturamt Münster , no cube Münster and Hafen Paletten Münster