Antropoides - Affe oder Mausratte?, 2018, Edition of 8, polymeric foam, ca. 25x7x7cm

plugin (2016-2019) is a trial project aimed at strengthening the economic skills of young artists and curators while establishing alternative structures for distributing new contemporary art.

plugin’s program initiatives aim to connect the products of visual art with a larger public. Through individual interest and passion, new collectors are encouraged to participate and to reflect on the value of art—irrespective of speculation and the contemporary art market.

plugin is based on collaborations between artists, curators, arts institutions and entrepreneurs, and pop-up concept stores to showcase unique, creative products.
plugin invites artists to produce editions of small artworks, which are then offered on the plugin platform.

The plugin platform is a retail display system that is installed during a plugin exhibition project at a partner institution and at Schloss Ringenberg. The platforms will be installed concurrently at six participating institutions in Düsseldorf, Arnhem, Kleve, Nijmegen, Münster, and Enschede.
The retail display system is designed by Bruno van Hooijdonk.

The editions will be priced at 200 Euros or less and all proceeds will go directly to the artists.
A plugin sample-book, designed by Werkplaats Typografie, will give an overview of the artists’ editions. Flyers will link all retail and exhibition activities and provide additional information about the plugin concept.
plugin can be followed up online by

plugin Museums
KIT – Kunst im Tunnel Düsseldorf; Museum Arnhem; Museum Kurhaus Kleve; Museum Het Valkhof Nijmegen; Westfälischer Kunstverein Münster; Tetem Enschede

plugin Shops
eXtrabuch Münster, Arnhem Coming Soon, HO&MULDER Arnhem, Rexing Einrichtungshaus Kleve, The Upperside Enschede, PLUP Düsseldorf, MOOD conceptstore Nijmegen, C-More Concept Store Nijmegen